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Shooting for stress: finding relaxation in photography

NOTE: This is an article I wrote for one of my journalism classes. It's not posted anywhere else so I decided to post it on here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Samruay Sinclaire stood still underneath a large tree, her Nikon in hand. She... Continue Reading →

A look into found footage horror films

I'm very interested in found footage films, especially of the horror variety. Ever since Paranormal Activity, I found that more and more similar horror films were being created. Last week I decided to write an article on the subject, giving... Continue Reading →

Food Review: White Lotus Café & Restaurant

This is my first ever food review. It was a little more difficult than I expected to be honest! But I was impressed with the photos I took with my camera of the food. I currently have an Olympus Pen... Continue Reading →

Confederation quilt marks a stitch in time for Heritage Week

I decided to dedicate an article entirely on the featured artifact for New Brunswick's Heritage Week, which is a crazy quilt created by a women nicknamed "Frannie" who began working on it in 1864 during the Canadian Confederation Conference. I... Continue Reading →

Heritage Week celebrates Canada’s 150th birthday

This is a recent article I wrote for the Brunswickan on Heritage Week in New Brunswick. I actually did not know that New Brunswick is the only province in Canada that dedicates an entire week to Canada's heritage. I also... Continue Reading →

Work with Film

Here's a list of the majority of the videos I produced or helped work on in the past four years at STU. A link will be provided for each one. You will notice that the majority of the short videos... Continue Reading →

Paranormal Podcast

I have many personal interests, and one of them just so happens to be the paranormal. When I was little I used to imagine meeting Casper or seeing objects flying around the room, but of course I haven't seen anything... Continue Reading →

Teaching Abroad, Changing Lives

This is an article I recently wrote for one of my journalism classes on the topic of checkpoints in life; something that happened or is currently happening that has changed your life. The name of the class website is called... Continue Reading →

My Time at Nash 79

What other place can you play an enormous version of Jenga with your fellow journalism majors than at Nash 79? This year, CUP NASH was held in Fredericton and the magazine I write for, the Brunswickan, hosted Nash. There were... Continue Reading →

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