Car thief


This just happened today.

Last night I took my dog with me for a drive to pick up some things. I must have forgotten to lock the doors to my car when I went inside. The one time I forget!

This morning around 7AM my parents were leaving for work when they called in to me that the doors and gas cover to my car were open. I ran outside to see and my car was basically ransacked on the inside by someone looking for valuables.

Me being me, I have like 5 jackets, a blanket and my reusable Starbucks cup in the car, so the joke’s on him. My sweater, the blanket I keep over the seats in the back, and the stuff in the console of my car were strewn all over.

It really did piss me off though. A couple of months ago, my dad woke up around 2AM to use the bathroom. On the way he happened to look out our living room window and saw two guys with book bags walking zigzag down the street going from house to house.

They actually did stop by our house and tried to open the doors to my dad’s truck, then moved on to the next house.

We called the non-emergency police hotline for my city and reported them. We were told there was an officer was on their way. 30 minutes later, the guys came back up the street with their book bags a lot bulkier than before, and were speed-walking/jogging.

We called the police back to tell them, and were told an officer was en route. Another 20 minutes later, the officer finally came down the street, but the guys were long gone. So the car just drove around our street a couple of times then left.

Anything similar or worse happen to anyone?