Back on March 10, I decided to submit three pieces I had written on a whim to a local Canadian magazine called Egress Mag. Their next volume would be about anxiety, and I thought it might be a good idea to send them some of my pieces about anxiety since I feel strongly about it, since I was diagnosed when I was 14.



I knew that after submitting them, I would hear back if they liked my pieces and they wanted to put them in their next installation. At first I didn’t really hear anything, but I kept following their social media just to be sure if they had already accepted all submissions or not.

This past Sunday, while I was home doing some cleaning, I received an email from Egress magazine. They said they were struck by my, “frankness and straight-forwardness” in one of my pieces, and the “tenderness” I extended to my 14-year-old self in my other piece. They thought it was brave of me to share my pieces with them, and that they will be including all three of my pieces in their next installation. It should be coming out late June.

I’m ecstatic. Mostly because these three pieces; no one else other than Egress and myself have read them. I didn’t show my husband or any of my family or friends because I wanted to submit something fresh that no one around me has seen, and I believe it paid off.

Once the installment of the magazine is out, I’ll post a link to their online version in another post. Here is their online website if anyone’s interested in reading their previous volumes: