In late January, I ordered a custom Disney mystery box from HappilyEverAfterBox. Being in Canada and the business from the UK, the price for my box was pricey for me, but I knew that if I wanted to get just one mystery box, it wouldn’t hurt to go all out a little in the end.


I spent about $140 CAD total for the custom mystery box, the vintage small mystery box, and shipping together. (Not including import fees) I ordered the custom box to be a mixture of Snow White/Tarzan/Pocahontas and other Disney princesses if she wasn’t able to find other things for me.

I received the first part of the mystery box about two months ago, and I opened it on video. The quality isn’t the best considering I filmed it with my cell phone, but it’s better than I expected.

I ended up loving the first part of my mystery box! My favourite items have to be the Tarzan mug, Tarzan tin pencil case, and of course the Pocahontas night gown!

I’m not sure if I’ll order another mystery box from the UK anytime soon just because of shipping and import fees unless I save up on the side. For me, the shipping and import fees add up a little. Other than that, the experience was great. The seller always messages back, I was also given a tracking number for the packages. Also, any questions I had, she was always open to replying to them. Since I ordered the vintage small Disney box around the same time as my custom box, I didn’t have to pay shipping for both orders, just one and she was shipping them together, which is a big plus!

A link to her website and her Instagram handle is in the description of the video!