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Today is Monday, day 4(?) of the flood in my city. Numerous businesses on both the north and south sides of the city are closed down due to flooding. Some neighborhoods have been evacuated, while several streets have been barricaded as there’s too much water on the streets mixed in with debris.
My backyard is currently a swamp. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shrek took up home there. At least the birds seem to enjoy bathing in it.
tammy miller
As of today, the city is fining any locals who don’t heed the barricades and decide to drive past them. I’ve seen posts on Facebook where some people decided to drive past the barricade and ended up needing to be towed out of the water as their vehicles flooded out as well.
Apparently, the city is expected to see the flood continue on until this weekend at least. The only way to cross from one side of the city to the other are 2 bridges, with all ramps but 2 being shut down, so traffic is brutal.
The city is encouraging people to either leave earlier/later than they normally do, carpool or take the city transit to relieve traffic jams. They are offering free transit until Tuesday for people as well.
We’re expected to possibly see up to 8.3 metres of water, which was our record of the highest flood back in 2008.
I can see us all slowly becoming Steve Carrell’s character in Evan Almighty; grow a beard and build our own ark together.
Note: I didn’t take any of the photos in this post. The first one I reposted from a local Instagram page and the rest were posted from a woman named Tammy Miller on Facebook.