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April 2018

Can I borrow Noah’s ark?

Today is Monday, day 4(?) of the flood in my city. Numerous businesses on both the north and south sides of the city are closed down due to flooding. Some neighborhoods have been evacuated, while several streets have been barricaded... Continue Reading →


Open the floodgates!

So it rained recently, and it's to the point that today, a couple of streets were evacuated and several others were flooded. At this moment, the water has risen 8 metres in 48 hours, and I believe it's supposed to... Continue Reading →

HappilyEverAfterBox unboxing part 1!

In late January, I ordered a custom Disney mystery box from HappilyEverAfterBox. Being in Canada and the business from the UK, the price for my box was pricey for me, but I knew that if I wanted to get just... Continue Reading →

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