Well, Christmas is over. I find that in the past few years, there’s this build up and then poof, it’s over. It was fun while it lasted, and we’ve still got New Years to worry about.

So, just to take up space, here’s a few things I received for Christmas.

~2 tickets to a July Talk concert for my husband and I from my parents
~50$ from my grandmother in Newfoundland (to which my husband and I already used and went out for dinner last week)
~A new sheet set for our bed from my other grandmother
~A Pokémon beanie, $20 US, and clothes from my aunt from New York
~Clothes, a new snow globe and a few other knick knacks from my parents.

I definitely agree that as we get older our wish list gets generally smaller. I do have some items myself that I want to save up and buy on my own, but I really didn’t have anything I wanted for Christmas except for the July Talk tickets, which I am super stoked about.

My husband, my father and I all pitched in and got my mom an iPad without her knowing. We gave it to her as her last Christmas gift and I’m 98% sure she was about to cry. The look on her face was priceless. Complete shock. She absolutely loved it, and started using it about 30 minutes later. My mom really is the rock in this whole family. Without her I know we wouldn’t stay afloat.

I also got some gifts for a few friends and was able to see my friend Emily who was here during the holidays from Montreal. My husband and I still haven’t been able to give our gifts to his aunt and her family yet because they seem to be busy these days.

What did everyone else receive for Christmas? Let me know, I’m curious.