This post will be mostly random spouts on different topics.

Firstly, my right eye has started randomly twitching throughout the day. Unfortunately, this twitch could be caused by numerous things like lack of sleep, anxiety, and stress. Unfortunately again, I have all three lol so I’m screwed.

I also had major eye aches last Friday and Saturday, and I kind of realized it was due to me not wearing my glasses when I’m reading, in front of the computer, etc. So since Sunday I’ve been wearing my glasses religiously, but I’m still not used to them. I hate the fact that you have the clean them a few times a day depending on how oily your face can get.

I used to think it was awesome having to wear glasses, but that was before I actually had to start wearing glasses. I had my first eye appointment about two years ago and my eye doctor was not impressed… I have a stigma in my eye, which can cause strain on my eyes leading to headaches or migraines when I’m watching TV, reading, or doing similar things within an eight-foot radius of my eyeballs.

I thought my glasses would stop the eye twitching, but they haven’t so the twitching is most likely due to me being tired and stressed with my anxiety tying it all together with a big bow of Christmas cheer.

I’m hoping with some extra naps after work or something it’ll go away, but right now it’s annoying. Of course no one else can see it, but it’s there as a little reminder that as I may at the moment feel fine, I’m probably not.

It makes me think of the evil teacher on Fairly Odd Parents whose eye twitches when he says Fairly God Parents. Or basically any other bad or psycho character in a show. The twitch is to make them look even more mentally unstable, and I hate it.

I also find recently that I’m super tired all the time. I’m mostly thinking it’s just because of my anxiety, since if you get really anxious, it puts your nerves and senses and such in to overdrive so it saps your energy fast and you crash. I normally sleep anywhere between 10-11:30PM and I wake up around 8:15AM. Normally any regular person could be fine with that amount of sleep, but I’m not. On a holiday I don’t wake up until almost 12, and if I’m really tired I could sleep until 3. It’s like I need at least 35,000 hours of sleep to function semi-properly.

I recently found out one of my coworkers is a big fan of the original 90210. More than a fan, he’s actually friends with most of the cast. He has tons of pictures with them, and he’s hung out with them during his summer vacation. Apparently people have even asked him for his autograph just because he’s hung out with the actors lol.

I see the pictures all over his Facebook, and he’s given friends signed pictures from the actors lol.

The closest I’ve come to meeting “celebrities” was the English voice actress for Sailor Moon during an anime convention, where I got a signed picture of Sailor Moon from her. And I met the current Prime Minister of Canada’s mother, Margaret Trudeau during a lecture at my university.

I received an email back from my doctor that they have sent a request for a consultation to a local therapist. I looked him up on Google and he seems to be very understanding and helpful. However, I’m worried. I’m mostly worried that he will either take me off my meds or put me on a different one. I have been on my medication since I was 14. I am terrified of going through withdrawal. And I know I will go through it even if I’m weaned off of the medication.

I do not want to be put on more medication on top of my venlafaxine because I feel like that won’t help the problem.

I mostly want to just talk to a professional about what’s going on with me and find ways to help control my anxiety without getting more medication, or going off of my current one.

My Venlafaxine helps my day-to-day life, but when it comes to bigger things like events or traveling, I need help.

I passed out Christmas cards today to my coworkers and they liked them. I really didn’t want to stay at everyone’s desk because other than my anxiety, I can be super shy in person, ever since I was little. So I’m not a big fan of getting a lot of attention from others. So I literally just speed-walked around the office shooting out cards to people without letting them say thanks lol. Literally made me think of Aang in Avatar when he zooms around on the ball of air.

I had a box full of small candy canes so I gave everyone one along with their card. Blueberry candy canes are my favourite, but for some stupid reason it’s very rare that you’ll find a box of blue candy canes nowadays. It’s more possible to find coal than it is blue candy canes! So the other night when I was out with my husband to buy cold medicine, I saw a box of small candy canes with 3 flavours; peppermint, butterscotch and BLUEBERRY! YEAHHHH! $4.99. So I bought it. No regrets. Long live the blueberry canes.

My husband and I, along with my father, pitched in together and bought my mom a gift for Christmas. She will have no idea we got this for her. I’m not stating on here what the gift is in case she reads this blog <.< love you mom.

I haven’t decided whether I want to wrap it once, or wrap it in 10 layers of wrapping paper and then duct tape it.

My father used to wrap one gift in duct tape every year as a joke to my brother and I. One year, he wrapped an empty box. Took me five  minutes to get in to it.