I recently bought two floating shelves to display most of my pop figurines, and I really need to stop buying them <.<

I bought my latest one yesterday, and I promised myself that it’s the last one to buy until at least Christmas lol.

There are five new pops to add to my collection in the past 2 weeks. Krampus, The Crow, Santa Jack Skellington, Gaston and Professor Shelly Oberon.


I was very surprised to see Santa Jack Skellington at my local Gamezilla. My husband and I went there to look at the Black Friday sales last weekend. Some pops were 60% off, but when I saw the Santa Jack pop on the regular priced section I basically floated over to it. It’s the first Jack pop I’ve seen in my city lol.

Then we went to EB Games in the mall and that’s where I saw Krampus. I flipped out later than night when I took him out of the box (yes, I’m one of those people). He had his bag slung across his back, and there was a tiny pop kid peeking out of the bag! I died.

I showed my mom and she wasn’t impressed (since she’s a huge Christmas fan and loves Santa). Now I have a pop to go with my Krampus sweater!

I really wanted the Grinch pop that recently came out, but my local EB Games only received 1 of them and it already sold.gaston.jpg

I was heartbroken, then he caught my eye xD. Sitting on the shelf alongside Belle and other pops was Gaston. He had been marked down, but Belle and the Beast had not. I felt bad for him, he needed some love. So I bought him. He now keeps me company at work on my desk.

Before I left I also noticed that Funko came out with two new pops for the second Jumanji movie. One for Dwayne Johnson’s character, Dr. Smolder Bravestone, and one for Jack Black’s character, Dr. Shelly Oberon. I liked the Rock’s pop because it has his trademarked quirked eyebrow, but I was more interested in Jack Black’s character pop because I’m a big fan of Jack Black, and recently The Holiday has become one of my favourite holiday movies lol. I ended up not getting him that day over conflicting thoughts of, “Do I really want him?” The answer ended up being yes.

I was thinking about the pop all day yesterday and how cute it was, so during my lunch break I drove back over and got him. There was only one. There can be only one! lol.

It’s currently still sitting in my Gengar bookbag waiting to join the rest of my poppers.

crowI ordered The Crow pop about 2ish weeks ago with the refunded money I received for my cell phone case from Amazon. I’ve been wanting this pop for about a year now, and just never got around to ordering it online. Since learning about how there’s going to be a rebooted Crow movie, I thought it would be safest to order it now in case the price goes up.

I really don’t follow release dates for pop vinyls, I end up just checking the stores periodically and see if there’s any new ones that I fall in love with.


Are there any collectors out there? Which ones are your favourites?