I was shopping at Value Village the other day, and I wanted a cheap-ish blanket to keep with me at work. (Lots of my coworkers keep blankets in their cabinets for when they are cold, which happens anytime after 1PM).

I noticed this super cute blue folded up Winnie the Pooh blanket. I love WTP so I bought it, thinking that I didn’t need to actually unfold it.

Once I got home, I finally unfolded it… and boy did I get a shock. When I unfolded it, staring back at me was Pooh’s evil twin, Paul. The body itself on the blanket was exactly the same as Pooh, but the face was set in an evil grin and furrowed eyes. Plus, the honey was white…so Idk what to think of it but it’s most likely not honey.

My family and I had a good chuckle over it, me basically crying tears of laughter and sadness since it was basically a waste to buy it, and my mom threw the tag out so I can’t return it… I most likely will not be using the blanket…and will be donating it. The freaking thing haunts me.

Or I could keep it in the closet as the “go to” blanket for whenever someone else gets cold. “Oh, you’re chilly? No we don’t need to turn the heater up! Here, take this blanket!” >:D

Be warned people, things aren’t always what they seem!