When I got home from work last Thursday night, there was a parcel laying on the kitchen table. I freaked out. It did in fact turn out to be my phone case, only over a week late.

I asked my mom when it was delivered and she said she didn’t know. She got home from work at 4PM and checked the mail and there was nothing there. She then checked it once more after taking our dog out and it was there. So the delivery guy didn’t bother to knock.

I did email Purolator and let them know the parcel finally arrived.

Anyways, I finally got my phone case…which is kind of a waste now since I thought it was gone/lost/stolen so I bought myself one over the weekend…still love it though. I’ll probably just use it as a backup.

I’ve been sick since the weekend and finally just got back to work today. (Started out as a cold, lead to an ear infection which brought me bad vertigo which the doctor put me off work until today)

My mom called me and said Purolator was at our door this morning asking if I received my phone case. Apparently it was accidentally delivered to another home on my street on the day it was supposed to be delivered to my house. (The neighbor must have brought it to our door thankfully!)

I feel super lucky that I had a neighbor kind enough to drop it in our mailbox instead of open it and keep it for themselves, or just throw it out.