Little bit of an update since my last post.

To catch up if you didn’t read my previous blog about my phone case; I ordered a phone case on Amazon, it was supposed to be delivered on a certain date, but it wasn’t. I checked the tracking and it says that it was delivered even though someone was home all week and no one left a package at the door. So I contacted the seller, they told me it’s out of their hands and to contact Amazon. So I did. Amazon refunded me the money. But I legitimately wanted to know where the heck my phone case was, so I emailed Purolator (the company who was supposed to actually deliver the phone case to my door).

So I emailed Purolator. About 24 hours later I received an email back asking for more information on the parcel. So I just took a screenshot of the order confirmation Amazon sent me and I sent it to them. After a confirmation email from them, I received another email stating they’d try to contact the delivery guy and see what’s going on with the shipment. That last email was received yesterday. Nothing since, but I’m hopeful that they can find it or at least let me know what happened to it, if it was lost or something.

On another note, a couple of days ago I received my other Amazon parcel, which was a DVD I ordered from France. Which is farther away than the place where the phone case was shipped from. Smh.

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The DVD was used but was in perfect condition. The movie is Excess Baggage starring Alicia Silverstone and Benicio Del Toro. Looooove this movie. I had it on DVD years ago but somehow lost it and was unable to find/order it from any local stores.

Unfortunately since the movie is from France, it’s a Region 2 DVD. For people who haven’t heard that term before, North America has Region 1 DVDs for copyright and pirating reasons. Region 2 DVDs are from places like Europe, and can’t be played on any Region 1 DVD players. I even tried my PS3 and it won’t work.

However, there are many ways you can watch a Region 2 DVD. The most expensive way is to order a Region 2 DVD player, which I cannot afford. You can also try to change your console or computer so DVD Region 2 so it will play the DVD, but you can only change the DVD Region about 4 times before it gets stuck on that region forever.

So my husband actually figured out a much easier way for me to watch my movie. He downloaded a program on his computer that lets him watch Region 2 and other movies on his computer. There are quite a few different programs you can download out there that will let you watch Region 2 movies without actually changing the default region on your computer. I believe one is called VLC, but I’m not recommending any since I don’t have any experience with any.

He fired up the program and I was final able to watch my movie! So 10/10 for that.

I’ll add anymore updates on my phone case if any come to light. I recommend watching Excess Baggage. Do it.