Recently, I found out that my tab for my current phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 (Yes I know it’s old, I’ve had it for roughly 3+ years) has been paid off so I can now buy a new phone. I needed one desperately! The battery on my old phone was so bad that I would need to charge it multiple times a day. Honestly this is my fault. I played Pokémon Go all the time, kept my phone plugged in all night even after it was finished charging, and having so many apps on it.

The last time I upgraded my phone (from an S2 to the S4), I tried going to my local phone carrier, Virgin Mobile, to get my new phone. Unfortunately, the cheapest phone to buy through them was 200+ dollars, and at that time I had 0$.

Fortunately my mother and I decided to go to Wal-Mart and lo and behold, they offered me my S4 for free plus a $200 Wal-Mart gift card!

This time, I didn’t bother going to Virgin Mobile, I went straight to Wal-Mart. Once again, I got a great deal. I got a new plan, since my old one had expired, and was able to upgrade to the new Samsung Galaxy A5. I once again also got a $200 Wal-Mart gift card, to which I used most of it to buy groceries, a couple of Christmas gifts, and a Stitch t-shirt for myself. (I still have roughly $15 left on the card now which will all go towards more Christmas gifts.)

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I’ve had the phone for about 2 weeks now, and I love it! I’m being very conscious about it’s battery power, but I feel so spoiled with it! Finally, a phone that had a battery that didn’t need to be charged until the end of the day! If I didn’t touch my phone, the battery would go down maybe 2%. By the end of my regular work shift, my phone would be at around 80%. With my old phone, it would be dead during my first couple of hours at work.

The picture quality is a million times better than my old phone! I can now not have to wait a billion years for my picture to become focused or have to take 10 photos because the first 20 were blurry. My biggest thing right now is to get a case.

Unfortunately, Wal-Mart didn’t have any good protective cases for my phone, so I bought a cheap 7$ case for now. The salesman recommended that I buy a phone case on Amazon. So I bought a $50 prepaid Vanilla Visa card with my Wal-Mart gift card and surfed for a while. I found a decent phone case with rubber corners for about $15, total coming to around $22 with shipping. This was my first time ordering off Amazon, but I was excited since I heard that shipments arrived quick and in good quality.

The case had its own tracking number through Purolator, and it said it would arrive by Wednesday, November 8th at 8pm. So I was excited, it was going to arrive in 3 days.

So I worked on Wednesday, but both my grandmother and husband were home that entire day. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday came and gone without my parcel showing up. So Friday afternoon I checked the tracking and it said that it had been delivered!?

There was at least 1 person at home all week. And there was no knock at the door or doorbell ring from a delivery guy. No one saw a package left on our doorstep or even a delivery guy drive/walk near the house. I couldn’t believe that it had been delivered at all. So I emailed the seller directly and told them about what happened.

They emailed back within a couple of hours telling me that since I had ordered the item through, it was out of their hands and I needed to talk to Amazon. So I emailed Amazon. That Friday night (the 10th of November) I received an email back from Amazon customer service. They said that it did say the item was delivered, and that me saying it didn’t arrive barely ever happens. They noted this twice in the email. They said that they can only assume the package is lost in transit, since it never happens, that tracking says an item was delivered when it really wasn’t. They said that what they can do is refund me the full $22 something for my cell phone case back to the card I used to purchase the case.

If I still wanted the phone case, I could reorder it again, and send them the order information so that they can either waive the shipping cost or refund me for the cost of shipping so that I’d get the refund plus the phone case I ordered. (BTW not ordering a new case from them, I’ll just find a place in my local mall and pay 30$ for one and be sure to get it.)

Unfortunately for me, the card I used to buy the phone case, the prepaid visa card, was already in the garbage at the local EB Games store. After purchasing the phone case and a movie off of Amazon, I only had around $11 left on the card, so I used it at EB Games and I told the clerk to throw it in the garbage. Not in a million years would I have thought that this would have happened through Amazon. Yes, maybe Ebay, because I buy quite often from Ebay, but not Amazon.

So I emailed back and forth between Amazon customer service and basically there is nothing they can do. They can’t refund me the money any other way except by putting it in the prepaid visa card. Holy crap. That sucksssss.

I logged in to my Amazon account and noticed that I still had the prepaid card saved in my account. YES! So I can still use the card, but I can only use it on Amazon. I’m definitely not going to be getting another phone case, so probably a book or DVD I want or a random Disney/Pokémon/Bullet Journal item I probably don’t need.

This morning I decided to email the company that was actually supposed to deliver the phone case to my door, Purolator. I just sent an email explaining the situation and asking if they could offer any help in finding it.

If anything juicy comes out of it, or there’s any more updates on the situation, I’ll add an update blog on it.

Has anyone else ever had less-than-great experiences with Amazon or any online store with shipping items?

(I’ll most likely add photos to this blog later of my old and new phone.)