Ask me what my favourite horror movie is, and I probably wouldn’t be able to give you a definitive answer.

There are so many I love for various reasons; gore factor, jump scares, or the classic slasher character.

***WARNING*** I will most likely be giving spoilers for some or all of these movies.

These movies aren’t in any special order. Just which ones come to mind first.

  1. Don’t Breathe

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OMG is what I have to say about this movie. It’s what I expected, plus a thousand times more. It gives a good initial plot; 2 poor and 1 not-so-poor characters who decide to hit the big one and steal from a blind man. I thought the movie would be easy to guess what happened next, but I guess wrong.

After watching the preview for the movie I thought, “Aww poor blind man, he’s probably just defending himself.” Then after watching the movie I thought, “Nope.”

There were definitely a few spots that took me by surprise that I didn’t experience in other movie plots so I’m very impressed with this movie. I’d give it an 8/10, a must see for October!


2. Jeepers Creepers 1/2

Jeepers Creepers was the first horror movie I have seen. I remember walking in to Blockbuster with my mom and brother with I was about 5 or 6. I ran over to the clearance bin and sorted through the VHSes. I saw Jeepers Creepers on for 3.99$ and I had to have it. I watched it, and it did scare me, but I loved it.

Growing up, I was one of those kids who would watch anything remotely creepy or scary like Goosebumps, Are you Afraid of the Dark, Freaky Stories, Worst Witch, Big Wolf on Campus, and the list goes on.

Of course some things scared me, but I couldn’t get enough of them!

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This movie has really stuck through me through the years, my first love with horror lol.

Two scenes really stick out. The first is when the siblings go down the pipe that lead underground in the cavern of bodies and find this couple who were sewn together side by side whilst holding hands. Messed up but horrifically romantic.

The other scene is the final scene in the movie. The Jeepers Creepers 1950s-esque song croons in the background, the camera pans in to the guy’s body with his mouth opened slack, and holes where his eyes were. The camera zooms in on the eyes and suddenly the monster looks through the holes with his new eyes – the guy’s eyes. What a chilling ending to the movie. 7/10

I also recommend the second movie. Of course you have to bring in some testosterone teenagers and cheerleaders. But my favourite parts of this movie were honestly the very beginning and the very end with the father and his two sons. That left the biggest impression on me. A father who faced the monster that snatched his youngest son out from under him. The scene where he was chasing the guy’s son through the corn field was intense, and you could tell running was futile.

The ending of the second movie was the best as well. It left you knowing that there would most likely be another chapter to the story. The father, no matter how old he got, would sit and wait for the day when the monster awoke again. Avenging at its finest.

I heard a part three would be possibly coming out in 2018, so I’m keeping my hopes up for this one.

3. Thirteen Ghosts

Before Jeepers Creepers, there was Thirteen Ghosts. I would have to say this was one of the major things that had initially gotten me in to the horror genre. It’s definitely one of my top 5 favourite horror flicks.

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I remember when I was little, my grandparents had Payperview for their TV, and my brother and I would mostly watch the Payperview movies. Quite often, Thirteen Ghosts would show up as one of the movies, and I would always watch it. My brother hated horror movies, and still does, but I can’t get enough of them.

The three ghosts that scared me the most were the Jackal, the Juggernaut and the Hammer. The Jackal was insane and completely untamed and wild in the way he attacked the daughter in the movie. The Juggernaut’s height and face is what scared me the most. (FYI, he also played Lurch in The Addams Family 90s TV show) The Hammer had brute force and the way they tag-teamed a guy during the movie…brutallll.

This movie had an amazing plot, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it remade or made in to a sequel.

I also love how in the special features, you can see the backstory of every ghost in the movie. It was very well thought out. I would give this movie a 9/10.


4. The Descent 1/2

It’s been too long since the last time I saw this movie. Just thinking about it now, I want to watch it tonight haha. This was such a good movie! It was suspenseful, thrilling, and I loved the setting for it. Also the fact that there were no men in the movie. It had women who were forced to band together and face or run from the things in the caves. When that didn’t work, it was battle of the fittest.

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The monsters were very well created. With how their faces are, they kind of remind me of Marcus from Underworld: Evolution. Mostly with how the face and body is constructed, not the enormous wings.

The second movie, in my opinion, isn’t as great as the first. I liked how they kept the same actresses for the main characters. I could not believe when they went back in the underground and the woman was still alive! Like damn woman, terminate them! I would have been completely torn to pieces if I was her. I am not a survivalist in the slightest.

I actually just recently tried to rewatch either of these movies and it’s harder than I expected. They are no longer on Netflix, and apparently my wifi isn’t strong enough to stream either of them online without my laptop freezing every few seconds. I have no patience. I can possibly buy it on iTunes, it’s $12.99 to buy the first one. I haven’t checked the second one yet.

I was also recently talking with a friend from the UK who is also in to horror and we both connected on the Descent lol. We both agree it’s a great gory horror film, but not so much gore in that it looks fake or just poorly done.

We both highly recommend this movie. 10/10.


5. Friday the 13th series

I’m pretty sure Friday the 13th has to be my favourite set of classic horror flicks. Jason is like a football player palldriving through windows, there is no stopping him. In that way he’s much similar to Freddy and Michael. But Jason has a special place in my messed up heart lol. He’s innocent in the most horrific way. I mean really, you’d think after so many years of Jason or “some unknown killer” continuously killing people who stay at Camp Crystal Lake, they’d close it down for good. But it’s a movie so…

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I just suddenly got a thought. When there’s no one staying at Crystal Lake, what does Jason do? Where does he stay? Does he stay in one of the cabins? Does he randomly gaze out across the lake where he met his demise? Does he read a book by the campfire? Does he roast marshmallows? Weird thought, I know, but now I can’t stop laughing picturing Jason roasting some mallows by the fire, then sighing because he’s lonely.

Friday the 13th to me is one of the best slasher flicks. When Jason starts, he just goes on a rampage. And whenever you think he’s gone, BAM, he jumps through the window and yanks you outside with him. Then you wake up and your boyfriend is no where to be seen.

The films have the classic “Teens being rowdy, some having sex, then they all die.” But these films never let me down.

Another side note, I was actually surprised that Jason didn’t kill the dog Muffin in Friday the 13th Part 2. There was the seen where Muffin is walking off on her own then comes face-to-face with Jason, then it cuts to another scene, making you assume that she was killed. But nope, still alive.

There were 2 other dogs throughout the films that also faced Jason but he didn’t kill them either. So it’s a little bit of a mystery why he doesn’t attack animals.

I cry whenever an animal dies in a movie, especially horror movies. People? Nah.

Anyways, for millions of reasons why, these movies get 100/10. Forever.


6. Devil’s Pass

This movie brings together a real-life mystery and found-footage horror. I’m really in to found-footage horror films, and once I found this movie, I couldn’t pause it until the end. For people who have an open mind or who believe in the supernatural, this plot could really be something that could have happened. The history itself behind the actual incident is still unknown. The reasons why some of the people left their tents barely clothed. Some of them had crushed skulls, and one had their tongue missing. Kudos to the director for putting in the radio tower where they actually found the missing tongue. Grody.

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I found this movie interesting from beginning to end. I like dhow they brought in multiple possibilities at first and had the cast look in to it themselves, then once they found the door to inside the mountain, all bets were off.

It’s actually been a while since I’ve seen the movie, and I definitely need to see it again.

The movie was thrilling, suspenseful, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes horror and history. 9/10.

This is all I’m going to add for movies for now. If anyone wants me to make another blog listing even more movies, let me know. I was possibly thinking about making a list of the best found footage horror movies, but I think I already did an article on this last year.