Ah, the flu shot, one of society’s weapons to shoot people up with once a year.

I personally have never received the flu shot in my entire life, mostly for the sole reason that I’m terrified of those little shanks they call needles.

I hated in school when we had immunizations to take. I tried my hardest to convince my parents to sign the form so I didn’t have to get the needle, and I think it actually worked a couple of times. But mostly I ended up in the fated hands of the nurse who pricked me in the arm.

Of course it wasn’t as bad after I actually got the needle, but the stress and the build-up to the needle was unbelievable. I remember crying in my room because I was so scared to get my shots.

I’m moving past my main point for this blog but I just remembered an intense moment when I was little.

When I was in grade four, we were getting our shot for a type of Hepatitis I believe. I had taken the form home to my Mom and she brought out my immunization pamphlet which showed that I had actually already been immunized for that strain of Hepatitis, so I did not need it. We also spoke to my doctor and he said to make sure I didn’t get it because it could make me sick or something since I had already received the needle before.

So my mom wrote the school and signed the slip to make sure I didn’t get my needle that day. Well that day came. We were in the middle of French class when the teacher’s aid came in picking students out to get their needles. Against my wishes, she had grabbed me too and forced me to get in line with the other to get the shot.

All hell broke loose…from me. I screamed, cried, and refused too move any closer to the room where the nurses were. I pleaded with the teachers aid and told her that I wasn’t supposed to get the needle. At first she didn’t’;t believe me, then finally my homeroom teacher noticed us and ran over and confirmed that I wasn’t to get it. I was excused to go back to my French class, sniffling and sobbing. At the time it was terrifying to say the least. My little mind thought I would die if I got this shot.

Now back to the main point of my article, the flu shot.

I haven’t had it before, but I’m considering getting it this year since my two nieces visit my home at least twice a week. For their sake, I’ll consider getting it.

But I was scanning my Facebook feed earlier, and one of my local radio stations had a post about it. All three of the radio hosts did not get the flu shot, and they had asked for people’s opinions. It seemed to be 60% no and 40% yes. Yes because they don’t want to die, etc. No because when they had taken it, it made them sick; they didn’t need to take it because they never got sick, they were healthy, etc. And it really makes me wonder if I really need the shot or not.

There are articles about the shot questioning it. Some say the shot is a “hit and miss” type of thing. Others say it’s a necessity.

Last year both of my parents received the flu shot; I did not. Less than a week later my Dad got the worst flu ever. Pain, vomiting, weakness, the whole shebang. Then my Mom caught it, then my husband, and finally me. I 100% admit this was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. The stomach pain was unbearable. I was out of university for about two weeks. I even had to spend a couple of days just to recuperate myself and rest from exhaustion and not eating. I know I lost some weight during that time. I mean I wouldn’t mind losing weight, just not this way.

For that reason, I say no to the flu shot. But for my nieces, I’m considering it.

What are your thoughts? Yes to the shot or no? Why?