Quite a lot has happened since my last post a few months ago.

I’ve graduated from university with my BA in journalism, and after some searching I finally snagged a job at one of my favourite clothing stores. I’m hoping to later get in to a job that fits better with my skills … hopefully.

My chocolate lab Maggie unfortunately had to have surgery on her back left cruciate ligament because she tore it at some point recently due to her overly excited jumping 😦 But she’s on the mend and just looks a little wonky with one shaved leg.

Both Maggie and my cat Lady celebrated their birthdays! Maggie turned 2 and Lady turned 14; which is apparently 73 in human years!! She doesn’t look a day over 3!

I’ve recently really started to get in to bullet journaling. I’m not very artistic, but I enjoy making schedules, lists and doodling. I find it very relaxing momentarily.

My parents bought me a Nikon D50! I was over the moon excited to receive this camera! It’s definitely top notch and I’ve already taken a few candid photos of Maggie and Lady with them! I’m hoping to take some nice pictures of my family to put up on the wall.

My brother and his fiancée are currently expecting a baby girl to come in to the world any day now! I can’t stop bouncing on my feet as I expectantly wait for little Octavia to join us! I’m hoping she’ll have dark hair like my side of the family, but as long as she’s healthy, hair colour will just be a bonus.

One major problem I’m having is saving. I really need to start saving money, but things keep popping up that I think, “I really want this, and if I don’t get it now I’ll probably never be able to get it again!” So I end up getting it :/

I recently spend a lot of my social media time on either Snapchat or Instagram. I’ve been stalking my bff as she made her way to RTX in Texas to meet the Youtubers Cow Chop! I sent some money her way and she was able to snag a few merch items for me. She should be back home this Wednesday night. I’m super excited!

I post daily on my Instagram about basically anything in life, including my recent face palm disaster of trying to make loose leaf iced tea by myself and not realising that I should have added sugar to the mix. -.-‘ Will try again tomorrow.

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Due to my life now becoming more … life-involved instead of journalistically involved, I guess this site will momentarily become more lifestyle-blogger-like!