Back in 2015 I had my first ever eye exam. At the age of 20. It was long overdue, and so I sat in the Wal-Mart optometry section, anxiously waiting to see the eye doctor. I hated waiting for things like doctors appointments because my mind seems to wander a lot.

It turned out that I did indeed need glasses for reading, watching TV, and everything related to things within eight feet of my vision. I apparently had a stigma in my eye, which at the time I had no idea what in the world it was, and I still only slightly understand it today.

I ordered one pair of glasses that came to almost $300, but thanks to my family’s health insurance, I didn’t have to pay a penny. Then about two weeks later I received my glasses and voila!

Now jump to March of 2017. I still use these glasses, though definitely not as often as I should. I’ve always wanted a second pair of glasses so that I could have one at home and one in my book bag or purse, but I didn’t want to pay the horrendous price.

Then my mom told me that a co-worker had bought glasses from a website called Zenni Optical for a cheap price. I thought it was too good to be true until my best friend had showed me her new glasses that she had also bought from Zenni’s, so I thought, ‘Why not?’

So I decided to take a look for myself. All I had to do was put in my prescription information and look for glasses that could be made within the range of my prescription. I ended up ordering a simple pair of glasses for $6.95. With shipping, the final total was $16.90 USD, which turned in to $22.58 CDN. So far, I already liked it just because of how cheap they were.

I received a tracking number and an email receipt. And today, Mar. 28, a week after I ordered the glasses, I received them in the mail.

I was ecstatic. My mom was jumping up and down while cleaning snow off the car because if I liked my glasses, she would order a pair for herself as well.

I tore open the bubble package and took them out. They arrived in a clear green plastic glasses case and wrapped in a glasses cleaner cloth with the picture of lily pads on them.

Me being me, I instantly tried them on in the car, where they also instantly fogged up for being out in the mailbox all morning.

Fog aside, I’m impressed with the glasses so far, and if – heaven forbid – I decide I need a third pair of glasses, I’ll know where to look.