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March 2017

Women pushing for representation in Legislature

This is my latest article on a local campaign called "Women for 50%" about women who are pushing for a more diverse New Brunswick Legislature.   Click here to read my article!


Quick blog about Zenni’s

Back in 2015 I had my first ever eye exam. At the age of 20. It was long overdue, and so I sat in the Wal-Mart optometry section, anxiously waiting to see the eye doctor. I hated waiting for things... Continue Reading →

Going the Distance

Here's an article I recently did on international relationships. Obviously this article hits close to home because my husband and I are from different countries and there's always that little worry in me if he ever has to go home... Continue Reading →

Shooting for stress: finding relaxation in photography

NOTE: This is an article I wrote for one of my journalism classes. It's not posted anywhere else so I decided to post it on here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Samruay Sinclaire stood still underneath a large tree, her Nikon in hand. She... Continue Reading →

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