Here’s a list of the majority of the videos I produced or helped work on in the past four years at STU. A link will be provided for each one. You will notice that the majority of the short videos I did were with my fellow journalism student Ben Crouse. We basically partnered for everything in our video class because we were both skilled, we worked well together and had fun filming and editing. All of the videos were edited with AVID.

As a side note, Ben and I loved putting in some cheesy puns every once in a while, especially when it came to our outros! Hope you enjoy!

Geek forum comes to St. Thomas University – This was a very funny story I shot with my classmate and friend Ben Crouse on a nerdy forum that happened on campus. After shooting, a group of us sat down and joined in on the fun.

Wilmot Pool closes for the last time – This was a news story Ben and I did on a local pool that was there for many years and would soon be torn down so a splash pad could be built in its place.

Matt DeCourcey Liberal candidate profile – This definitely isn’t my best work and I’m not too proud of it, but I was able to interview Matt DeCourcey so it was definitely an experience to remember. I edited the video and my classmate Kennedy Bowden-Welsh did the stand-up and voice-over.

Local produce market opens haunted hothouse – This was definitely one of the most fun videos I ever had to film and edit for. It was a little hard trying to get people to interview and we ended up dealing with a little creep factor at one point, but we made an amazing outro that everyone in our class loved!

Light show lights up Lincoln – Again, not one of my best stories. I could have done better with the shots of the house lights, but it was still fun to do and we learned a lot doing it.

The Basement Files Feb 4 2016 – I was one of the hosts for this show. The Basement files is where we put all of our work together for a weekly show.

Valentine’s Day at the Unplugged board game café – I remember this story well. It was absolutely freezing that day and we had to do some extra takes outside so I couldn’t feel my nose or fingers! Ah, but I believe I bought Starbucks afterwards so that made it all better.

New Brunswick sees raise in minimum wage – I did this story with my friend and fellow classmate Nathalie Sturgeon! It ended up being a pretty interesting story for me to learn from.

Insight into the world of cosplay – This was my final video project that I did at the end of my third year at STU. I filmed, edited and did the voiceover for this short documentary all by myself. I learned a lot and definitely had lots of fun doing it!