What other place can you play an enormous version of Jenga with your fellow journalism majors than at Nash 79?

Arriving at Nash 79 with my editor. Credit: Katherine Morehouse

This year, CUP NASH was held in Fredericton and the magazine I write for, the Brunswickan, hosted Nash. There were student newspapers from all over the country who came and attended the event, and from Jan. 4 – 7, most of my time was spent at Nash.

David Skook (left) holding a panel alongside Tim Currie (right) Credit: Katherine Morehouse


I listened to some amazing journalists speak like Josh O’Kane, Karissa Donkin, Shannon Busta, Karen Pinchin, David Skook, Tim Currie, and so many more.




Mummer with umbrella
Photo of a mummer with an umbrella. Credit: Darren Calabrese

I also became a huge fan of photojournalist Darren Calabrese, who took some amazing photos of mummers, the Jian Ghomeshi trial, and of Michael Cera.

Between the talks, keynotes, and panels, I spent time and made some new friends with a few journalism students from British Columbia and Ontario. I ended up sitting with them for dinner every night, which made for lots of laughs and great conversations. I ended up going out with them and buying comics in the end, and we are all following each other on Twitter.

Scaachi Koul giving a talk during Nash 79. Credit: Katherine Morehouse

After one of the dinners, we were able to listen to some real talk by Buzzfeed writer Scaachi Koul, who after that night I am dead set on buying her book when it comes out! I find her very interesting, sarcastic (which anything connected to sarcasm I’ll love) and that she won’t take any shit off of anyone.

I’m hoping to try to send her my story pitches and see what she thinks of them, and whether or not they might fit for Buzzfeed.

Josh O’Kane telling an old story about the Brunswickan. Credit: Katherine Morehouse

At the end, on the night of Jan. 7, there was a get-together with Brunswickan alumni, including Josh O’Kane, where everyone talked about their funny stories while writing for the Brunswickan.

I met so many amazing connections and friends, and I ended up learning so much that will help me write better stories. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to send in another article to try out for Nash 80 JMH journalism awards.