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November 2016

My Article on Margaret Trudeau

I was fortunate enough to get a seat at Margaret Trudeau's lecture last Wednesday about her struggle with bipolar disorder. It was quite an amazing lecture and I connected to it in so many ways. Link to the story on... Continue Reading →


The Big Step: I Quit my job

This is an article I recently wrote for one of my Journalism classes about a local start-up business and was published to my class' website, See it Now News.      

Old Articles from The Aquinian

At the moment I can't find all of the articles I wrote for The Aquinian, but my K-pop and fat-shaming articles were thankfully found, so I am able to share it on here. I will update this blog whenever I... Continue Reading →

My previous articles from Her Campus STU

Instead of posting each one individually in numerous blog posts, I will just post the link to my Her Campus STU profile here, which will send you to my page that shows all of my articles. I absolutely loved writing... Continue Reading →

Textbroke Update

A new campaign launched by the UNBSU to show faculty members how expensive textbooks are is getting noticed by students. Textbroke is a campaign which began in early September to measure how students get their textbooks and how much they... Continue Reading →

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