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My name is Katherine Morehouse. I recently graduated from university with my BA in journalism. I'm 22, and this past August I got married to my amazing boyfriend of four years! I grew up in a very small community. Where gossip got... Continue Reading →

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It’s a very small world

Ever since Monday, I've been having major flashbacks to high school, senior year specifically. Why? Because a guy just started working at my workplace, and he basically bullied me at the end of my senior year. One of my coworkers... Continue Reading →

Take a shot?

Ah, the flu shot, one of society's weapons to shoot people up with once a year. I personally have never received the flu shot in my entire life, mostly for the sole reason that I'm terrified of those little shanks... Continue Reading →

Anxiety is a fickle thing

The past two weeks have been up and down with my health anxiety-wise. Last Monday night I had fallen asleep early and had forgotten to take my anxiety medication, so all day Tuesday I was experiencing slight withdrawal symptoms like... Continue Reading →

Commence internal screaming

I'm still in shock right now, but I just have to blog about this! Yesterday was really emotionally draining for me as I quit my job I had been working at for 2-3 months now. My boss was really rude... Continue Reading →

Stepping on eggshells

*WARNING* This might be a long read. Continue if you have some time to read my semi-rant! I'm currently writing this no more than 30 minutes after I quit my job. What's worse, I had only worked there for about... Continue Reading →

I’m late for an update

Quite a lot has happened since my last post a few months ago. I've graduated from university with my BA in journalism, and after some searching I finally snagged a job at one of my favourite clothing stores. I'm hoping... Continue Reading →

Thanks to Emily

This is a short story on how Kris and I met.   "When are they supposed to be here?" I asked my best friend Emily. "They should be here now," she replied. I looked around the mall eagerly for two... Continue Reading →

You’re not alone

This is a short story of how I became diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I sat in the sterile doctor's office, my leg fidgeting with my ever growing anxiety. I hated waiting. To me it was one of the worst... Continue Reading →

Teachers are the best

This is something that happened to me in grade 12. I stood at the head of the classroom, waiting for everyone to quiet down. I could feel my heart beating rapidly and wondered if anyone else could hear it. I... Continue Reading →

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