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My name is Katherine Morehouse. I recently graduated from university with my BA in journalism. I'm 22, and this past August I got married to my amazing boyfriend of four years! I grew up in a very small community. Where gossip got... Continue Reading →

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Spouts about life and anxiety

This post will be mostly random spouts on different topics. Firstly, my right eye has started randomly twitching throughout the day. Unfortunately, this twitch could be caused by numerous things like lack of sleep, anxiety, and stress. Unfortunately again, I... Continue Reading →

Christmas everything

Surprisingly, I'm pretty dang good with handling my anxiety when it comes to Christmas shopping, or any kind of shopping in general. For me, shopping is a getaway from my problems and relax, walk around, and shop. Even if it's... Continue Reading →

Newish Funko Pops

I recently bought two floating shelves to display most of my pop figurines, and I really need to stop buying them <.< I bought my latest one yesterday, and I promised myself that it's the last one to buy until... Continue Reading →

Sleeping with Anxiety

Featured Image from Wall Street Journal,   I've slowly been able to get my anxiety back under control, but I still feel a little bit of it at night when I think, "Ugh, I have to wake up in... Continue Reading →

Working with Anxiety

Last week I missed 3 days of work due to a bad cold that gave me a sinus infection. I also missed yesterday at work as well. Thankfully I had a doctor's note for my work. However, I was very... Continue Reading →

Be careful what you buy at thrift stores

I was shopping at Value Village the other day, and I wanted a cheap-ish blanket to keep with me at work. (Lots of my coworkers keep blankets in their cabinets for when they are cold, which happens anytime after 1PM).... Continue Reading →

Know how to use PayPal

You know the old saying, "Shame on you if you fool me once, shame on me if you fool me twice"? Well this situation definitely works with the phrase. In the past year or two, I've been shopping online more... Continue Reading →

It arrived!

When I got home from work last Thursday night, there was a parcel laying on the kitchen table. I freaked out. It did in fact turn out to be my phone case, only over a week late. I asked my mom... Continue Reading →

Small update on Amazon orders

Little bit of an update since my last post. To catch up if you didn't read my previous blog about my phone case; I ordered a phone case on Amazon, it was supposed to be delivered on a certain date,... Continue Reading →

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